Waters Edge Cameras

My name is Candice Waters and I have a love for all things vintage, but vintage cameras are my passion.  In 2009 I bought my first vintage camera and have been hooked ever since. My motto is "saving, rescuing, and re-homing vintage cameras one camera at time".  To me, vintage cameras are all little pieces of art to be saved and admired.  

In 2011 I had the crazy idea to try and do something different with the cameras that weren't working.  I brought the ideas to my husband, Rick,  and I got the "look".  But after a few prototypes we had our product...a nice vintage camera lamp with a Waters Edge signature look. From there we designed more lamp styles and a few clock designs as well. Rick does an incredible job of bringing my ideas to life!

I hope you enjoy our products and designs, and we always welcome comments and suggestions!  Thank you for visiting our site.

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